Can You Change Attorneys In The Middle of Your Case?

trial-resized-600-300x201In life, certain people may not see eye to eye, and unfortunately, this holds true in attorney-client relationships as well. An attorney can be a vital asset during a personal injury claim, however, it is important to understand that an attorney-client relationship can be very complex. It is imperative that a person has complete trust in their attorney and feels as if their needs are being met, in the event that this is not the case it is possible to switch attorneys. Although not always the easiest thing to do you can “fire” your personal injury attorney once a lawsuit has been initiated. However, if you feel it is necessary, you should not be afraid to switch attorneys to the attorney you feel is best for you.

Consulting with a New Attorney

 It is important to remember that you have a contract with your current attorney, however, a judge will allow you switch attorneys should you feel the need. When you contact a new attorney it is important to let them know you are currently being represented by someone else. Once you have hired a new attorney it is important that you promptly notify your previous counsel of their dismissal.

 Unless otherwise agreed upon, in most cases you will need to pay your previous attorney for the work they have done. In most cases this would not affect the settlement amount you receive should you win your case. Rather, the two attorneys will likely divide up their share based on the previously agreed upon contract fee.

 How Do I Know If I Should Switch?

 In most cases, there will not be a clear cut sign that it is time for you to switch attorneys. Thus, it is important that you review all of your options and decide whether a different attorney would be best for your case. The following are a few common examples of reasons why people switch attorneys:

  •  Your attorney does not effectively communicate and return correspondence in a timely manner;
  • Your attorney has not been clear on their strategy;
  • Your attorney has not been clear on the terms and the value of your lawsuit.

 Should you have a concern with your attorney, you should first bring up the issue with your attorney before seeking alternative counsel. If your current attorney does not address and fix the issue(s) then it may be time to find a different lawyer. In the event that you decide it is time to “fire” your current attorney all you need to do is inform the lawyer via a written decision. Once this correspondence has been conveyed it is important that you reach out to your previous attorney to ensure they have received the notification. Once this is complete you should also contact your insurance company to make sure your new attorney is authorized by the insurance company.

 Need Help?

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