Sexual Abuse In Nursing Homes

elderly-300x199Due to the nature of nursing homes, they are often associated with numerous negative connotations. Associating a facility with the end of one’s life will never bring about good thoughts. However, when someone thinks of a nursing home they typically believe they are placing their loved one in a safe and caring environment, never thinking twice that the nursing home may betray their trust. Unfortunately, this is the reality and nursing home abuse is widespread and takes many forms. Among the most common and shocking is sexual abuse against residents of the home. The problem is far bigger than most people are aware of and recent news suggests sexual abuse in nursing is rampant across the nation.

Individuals in nursing homes are particularly vulnerable and often do not have their cries for help heard. The abuse can lead to irreparable physical and mental harm, regardless of the stage of life the victim may be in. If your loved one has been a victim of abuse at a nursing home it is important to know that there is help out there. An attorney can represent your loved one and ensure they are compensated for the abuse they sustained.

The Abuse Is Widespread

A recent study suggested that over 16,000 cases of sexual abuse have been reported in nursing homes since 2000. While this is certainly a staggering figure, the reality is that the real number of sexual abuse occurrences at nursing homes is astronomically higher. Due to the nature of individuals at nursing homes many victims are not taken seriously or able to accurately recall the abuse. In many situations the victims may be suffering from a mental disorder that inhibits them from accurately identifying the perpetrator of the abuse.

Unfortunately, most nursing homes are not forthcoming when allegations of sexual abuse occur. When a home faces allegations they are often more interested in preserving their reputation than assisting law enforcement in any potential investigation of sexual abuse. This coupled with the reality that most nursing home abuse cases go unreported meaning that sexual assault at nursing homes is far more widespread than people are aware and often goes unpunished.

Nursing Homes Need to Be Held Accountable

The abuse can be rampant and in many cases, members of the nursing home staff have been caught by other staff members having sexual intercourse with elderly residents of the home. These heinous acts are meant for no person, especially a defenseless elderly victim who may not be in the state of mind to fully understand the extent of the abuse that is occurring. In many instances, the perpetrators of the abuse often have criminal histories or may be repeat offenders of sexual abuse against the elderly.

It is up to nursing homes nationwide to properly background check and vet their employees to ensure they are employing individuals who are fit to be trusted around vulnerable elderly individuals in need. Additionally, protocols need to be in place to ensure more than one staff member is around at once to ensure that a potential abuse does not occur. If nursing homes employed the proper policies and procedures these cases of abuse would be severely limited.

Need Help?

A nursing home abuse attorney can stand up for nursing home abuse victims and their families and ensure that the nursing home is held accountable for the harmful acts that occur within their facilities.  Nursing homes can be held directly responsible for the abuse and negligence committed by their staff. Filing a lawsuit against a nursing home can go a long way toward ensuring that the facility is more accountable for the actions of their employees. If you or a loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse contact Anthony Overton Van Johnson & Associates, P.C. today at (678) 882-7355. You will receive effective and confidential representation!  We will stand up for your rights and ensure that the perpetrators of these heinous acts are held accountable.

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