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personal injuryWhen it comes to injury cases, people often ask, “How much is my case worth?”.    To answer this question, it must be understood that each case stands on its own merits.   There is no quick answer to this question.

In automobile accidents, years ago, the settlement amount could expect to be approximately three times the amount of medical expenses.   For example, if the total chiropractic and/or medical bills were $4,000.00, the injured party could expect to receive a settlement in the amount of $12,000.00.   But this is no longer the case.

Years  ago,  the largest insurance companies gambled on the likelihood of lawsuits being filed by many of the largest legal advertisers who worked on sheer volume.  The insurance companies discovered that large legal advertisers working on sheer volume were not likely to file suit if offered small settlement  amounts.  Thus, the largest insurance companies began offering settlements as low as an amount equal to the medical bills or at times,  two-times the medical bills.  And  they found that,  in fact,  many  of  the larger  advertisers  would encourage their clients to accept  the offer.

To justify their low offers, insurance adjusters made arguments of “little vehicle damage”, or “all treatment was chiropractic only” or the injured party only treated for 30 or 60 days, etc.

Thus, to combat these low settlement offers, the firm representing the injured party must be willing and able to litigate the case on behalf of their injured client.  First and foremost, the case must be well documented.    If there is significant vehicle damage, there should be photographs to show the property damage.   Jurors will appreciate knowing that this was not just some very minor  vehicle collision.   Second, if there are visible injuries, photographs should show any visible injuries, scars, etc. Continue Reading ›

There is an old saying in the legal profession, “Any person who represents himself/herself has a fool for a client.”  There is a very good reason why it is not wise to represent yourself in court on a legal matter.  This article will discuss a few of those reasons and will provide a few expamples for you to consider.

First, in traffic matters, you will see many people representing themselves on minor traffic charges such as “no seatbelt”, “no proof of insurance”, etc.  But even in minor traffic matters, a lack of knowledge of the law and consequences far too often results in a loss of driving privileges or even incarceration. traffic offenses

I can’t recall the number of times I have sat in a traffic court and observed individuals (representing themselves) entering guilty pleas to traffic offenses.  The attorneys all glance at each other and shake their heads knowing that these individuals just subjected themselves to license suspensions or even incarceration.

And there are some municipal courts imposing fines as high as $4,000.00, with the requirement that the Defendant pay the fine instanter (immediately) or go to jail.  One such individual who chose to represent herself was incarcerated because she didn’t have the $4,000.00 to pay her fine before leaving the court building.  After she was incarcerated, her family members decided to hire me to represent her.  I was able to get her out of jail and convince the court to allow her to make monthly payments.  This could have been avoided had she retained legal counsel prior to going to court.  And, in fact, some of her traffic charges could have been reduced or dismissed. Continue Reading ›